High Ceiling Curtain Dismantle & Cleaning

One of the services offered is for your curtains. We offer cleaning for your high ceiling curtains, and we don’t just clean them, we will come dismantle and reinstall them for you once they are complete. This service includes multiple height ceilings.  Let’s take a look at them.

Single Storey Height

Single storey height windows can have curtains that range anywhere from 1.5 meters (even shorter sometimes) to over 2.5 meters. It depends on the dramatic feel that you have in the home. Ceilings are generally 3 meters high in newer buildings, you will need scaffolding for dismantling and installation of them. This is a  lot of cleaning if you have multiple windows and curtains of the same height.

Loft House

These types of windows are generally higher than Single Story, generally almost 1.5 times normal height considering lofts (especially on higher floors) are meant to exaggerate their views. Floor to ceiling windows are essential for this type of panoramic view. Having curtains that cover an entire wall would be a most daunting task. Letting us come and take care of the task would save time and frustration.

Double Storey Height

Imagine two storeys worth of curtains, essentially no less than 6 meters, even higher if we are looking at vaulted ceilings and some take the dramatic flair to a whole new level. How is it even reasonable to get up to the top to take these down? You can hire professional help, such as us and we will come dismantle them from their perch and reinstall them once they have been cleaned.

Auditorium Curtains

This is a job left for the professionals as well. No washing machine is going to fit these. But that is our job and we take pride in that. This is the ultimate high ceiling dismantling of curtains and we will do that, get them clean and bring them back in record time.

Our Services

The service we are offering you with our dismantling, cleaning, and reinstalling your curtains is nothing short of amazing. It’s something to help you with your busy lives and keep them going. Essentially we want to take work off your hands and give you some free time. Our EcoPower Wash also is impeccable and good for the environment. We want to stop harming the environment and be part of the green movement. You can be assured that by letting us do the work for you, we will make your curtains clean while using safe solutions and return them to their rightful place covering (or showcasing) your windows looking brand new.