Reward Laundry have been in this sector of business more than 8 years, with many years’ experience in marketing in Singapore and providing the sharpest laundry and dry cleaning services that are always proving the be the best; with our philosophy being, to focus on the quality not the quantity. 

We have gained an abundance of trust from customers over the years and are very well known in central Singapore; known as one of the best dry cleaning and laundry services. We focus on innovating and forming the new ideas that are useful for the future of our business that will benefit our customers in the long term. We aim to go beyond the customers’ expectations and really move forward to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Reward Laundry have a specialist department as well that are specifically knowledgeable and experienced in cleaning services. We have a unique in house base of solutions almost all cleaning problems that arise; even strange issues. We take extra care with garments that are special to the person and need that extra bit of care, such as a wedding dress and other fragile garments.

Our experience tells us that fragrance free laundry presents many different benefits to people with different preferences and requirements. We are adopting Fragrance free detergent that is generally seen as a normal kind of scent that is not noticeable and pleasant but not at all of a specific fragrance smell such as a perfume; instead it is almost a clean scent that is fresh and presentable.

Many people use fragrance to mask odours from their clothes, which overtime causes the clothing to astray and the skin to even develop problems. We believe that less is more, and we would like your clothing to last as long as they would. Just imagine if you are wearing a clothes with a strong artificial fragrance, that will certainly create unnecessary distraction throughout the day!

With Reward Laundry’s fragrance free laundry services you will be given clothes back that are fully clean and have a wonderful fresh scent that is potent yet subtle. There are dry cleaning services that use laundry detergents that contain toxic fragrances to disguise the smell of the clothing that is in fact not clean and has just been layered with a toxic chemical detergent. Furthermore some people have sensitive skin, which is a contributing factor to why people prefer to have their garments taken to Reward Laundry for a full dry clean and a fragrance free run through to ensure there are no chemicals that effect the skin as a potential harm.

We provide door to door pick up service for all your laundry and dry cleaning needs. You may make an appointment online and our staff will get in touch with you shortly.