Sun rays act as a disinfectant for laundry and it is difficult to use them if you are residing in a concrete city like Singapore where skyscraper buildings conquer the whole town. If you have the same concern then we at Load Wash Laundry Singapore is here to help you out for all your concerns. We use bamboo poles to dry out the laundry so that we succeed in providing relatively good health to your clothes at least!

Why we trust sun rays?

The one common reason is that electric dryers may be more convenient but electric cost is quite high and sun rays are free! So it acts as a cheapest solution for drying clothes. The other prime reason is that sun rays act as disinfectant as already mentioned and kills the germs which are not washed away by the soap and surf. The temperature outside influences the effectiveness of clothes and the Ultraviolet rays of sun kills bacteria and microbes.

Drying Laundry Using Bamboo Pole in Singapore is like a blessing as it has lot of benefits but on the other hand there are lot of challenges which we as the laundry washing service providers face. We will enlighten you with all of them. Take a look!


  • You have to attend a party in night and your formal attire is still waiting to get washed! Even if you wash it now, you would not be able to dry it by the party time! But Load Wash Laundry Singapore enables quick drying of clothes by bamboo pole. The cloth which generally dries completely without sunlight in six hours will dry with bamboo pole technique in mere span of 3 hours! Our fast, effective and express delivery will make it delivered to your doorstep at the earliest possible.
  • Sun rays are god gifted and are free! There is not much cost of drying clothes and very less investment which implies that in less cost and less time you can get your clothes ready! Isn’t that a wonderful solution!

  • Bamboo poles are suitable for only small batch of clothes and thus we invest enough time and effort towards every batch so that quality is not compromised at any cost!
  • Our professional team understand the delicacy of each cloth and thus stains are removed quite effectively and carefully keeping in mind the fabric and colour of every cloth.
  • As mentioned above, least cost for us means less selling price which is good for your budget. Our reasonable and affordable rates will make the laundry of clothes quite suitable to your budget. As an icing on the cake, our pick-up and delivery is free of any charges island-wide as we charge for laundry, no matter you are asking us to pick up or you are dropping at our outlet.


While we leave no stone unturned in providing fast, cheap and reliable service, there are some things which are unavoidable in bamboo pole technique and we request you to bear with us in these following situations:

  • If it a cloudy or rainy day full of humidity and dampness then we would not be able to take benefit of it.
  • If it’s quite windy, stormy and hazy then clothes are exposed to excessive dust and we have to cover the clothes in such cases which can delay the delivery of laundry.
  • Curtains, bed sheets, curtains and sofa covers are little dangerous to be dried using bamboo pole as we care for our employees and don’t want them to face any kind of unfortunate situation during their job! Thus in certain cases, it is probable that we may not be able to assist you!

But apart from these, you can call us at any time of the day; we are open to provide you the flexible service!And thus you can count on us for convenient, quick and reliable service for your laundry & dry cleaning needs. We are just one call away! Your garments will be sent back to you fresh and clean at your doorstep. Check out our full range of services here!