If you are a resident of the beautiful island of Singapore and are desirous of getting your sheer curtains dry cleaned but aren’t really sure about the right place for getting this job done then, you’ve surely come to the right place. Reward laundry is one of the most reputed and customer friendly dry cleaning agencies that you’ll ever come across in Singapore.

At Reward cleaning, we offer our customers with the most diverse range of professional dry cleaning services, the most popular and useful amongst of which is our best curtain cleaning services. Curtains can be regarded as one of the most important yet most overlooked kind of home/office furnishings which are often exposed to huge amounts of dust/dirt and unfavorable conditions. However, amongst various kinds of curtains, it is the day curtain that needs cleaning services the most.

Day curtains, also known as sheer curtains are exposed to sunlight more often than other types of curtains. Due to repeated exposure to strong rays of sunlight, color fading of these curtains may happen most often. Apart from the fading, sheer curtains are exposed to a number stains as well. Thus it is suggested that sheer curtain dry cleaning must be undertaken once in a year. People suffering from certain allergic conditions or medical issues are suggested to go for day curtain dry cleaning every 6 months in order to avoid aggravation of their medical condition.

Types of Day Curtains:

  • Sheer Curtain
  • Silk Curtain
  • Lace Curtain
  • Linen Curtain

Stains are a regular feature of almost all kinds of curtains present in any household and commercial establishment; however it is the day curtains that are most exposed to stains. In order to avoid permanency of stains on your day curtains, you need to take the help of a professional dry cleaning services like ours because undertaking the curtain cleaning task all by yourself would not just waste your time and energy but also wouldn’t give you the desired results. For best curtain cleaning services, you need to get in touch with professional dry cleaners like Reward Laundry because no other dry cleaning agency in Singapore understands sheer curtain dry cleaning better than us.

We don’t just provide our esteemed customers with an attractive pickup and delivery service for all locations in Singapore, we even undertake the much dreaded task of uninstalling and reinstalling the curtains. Most of the people avoid giving their curtains for dry cleaning because they don’t really find the time to remove the curtains, dropping them to dry cleaners and then reinstalling them once the cleaning is done. In order to resolve such issues, Reward Laundry has come up with the most customer friendly features of easy pickup and drop apart from curtain installing services.

At Reward Cleaning, we don’t just transform your stained and faded sheer curtains into neat and tidy, brand new looking curtains but undertake the same at the most pocket friendly prices. Our sheer curtain dry cleaning services is one of the most efficient one that you would ever come across in the dry cleaning industry and this is why we suggest you to get in touch with us for quick and affordable day curtain dry cleaning services at the earliest.