Wondering how to wash your curtains? Looking for a one-stop service to handle all your curtains cleaning job? At Reward Laundry, we provide full range of services from on-the-spot curtain cleaning to roman blind dry cleaning. There are mainly 3 types to get them clean. First type is doing machine washing where we use wet water to perform the cleaning. However, most curtains require the second type, which is dry cleaning, to ensure thorough cleaning is done to remove the accumulated dust, dirt and allergens and prevent damage to the curtains.The last type is on-the spot steam cleaning your curtains where we will use high quality chemicals via a steam cleaning to clean your curtains. It is fast, kills most of the germs and eco-friendly. Speak to our customer service officer today to find out more!

Normal Dry Cleaning

4-5 Working Days

Dismantle & Installation

Call our hotline to book an appointment.

Express Dry Cleaning

1-2 Working Days

Free Pick Up & Delivery

Double The Normal Rate

On The Spot Curtain Cleaning

1-2 Hours Ready

No Downtime

Super Express Curtain Cleaning