What Is Curtain Steam Cleaning?

At Reward Laundry, we use the latest steam cleaning technology which produces high heat to loosen the dirt, germs, dust or odours on the curtains. Chemical injection may or may not be insert into the machine depending on the material and condition of the curtains. This process is normally simple, and fast performed by trained staff.

Why Choose To Steam Cleaning Your Curtains?

  • Limited Time – Curtain steam cleaning requires no dismantling and installation. Your curtains are steam cleaned while hanging on the existing windows. Typically steam cleaning can be done within 1-2 hours for standard house, or 3-4 hours for landed house.
  • No Wrinkling Guarantee – In fact, expect your curtains to look smoother as we are using steam to kill the germ, dirt, or dust. Your curtains escaped traditional dry clean method and in tumble dry machine.
  • Prevent Shrinkage – One of the biggest risk of cleaning your curtains is that they may shrink! You curtains may looked shorter after cleaning especially it’s the first wash. Curtain steam cleaning will avoid this problem entirely.
  • Protect Delicate Curtains Material – If you would like to avoid harsh chemical on your curtains, curtain steam cleaning may be your best choice. While you have no control on what type of detergent your dry cleaner is using. Steam cleaning your curtains is done in front of you. This is probably the most natural way of cleaning your drapery!
  • High Ceiling Curtains – If you are having curtains that is more than 3 meters, dismantling and installing them might be a dangerous task to perform. The weigh of the curtains are difficult to manage especially during installation. Steam cleaning might be the best option for you!

How Can I Book For Curtain Steaming?

You may start your order with us by booking online, call our hotline, or find out more visiting our outlet. Our staff will request more accurate information from you for cost estimation. After accepting the quote, we will suggest suitable time slot for you. When appointment is confirmed, expect our steam cleaning team to arrive at your doorstep to perform the job. Find out our coverage area below.

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