Doing Laundry has been an integral part of household chores since the days civilisation clothed themselves with animal skins. And since then, doing laundry has evolved from washing the clothes in the river and beating the dirt out using pure hands or wooden bats to the washing machine and now dry cleaning. Time has also saw the change from animal skin covers to many clothes to suit the very occasion and situation we are in from the normal working shirt and pants to the smart and charming tuxedo to that much need winter jacket to make a fashion statement on the top of a snow capped mountain.

It is the same for the service of laundry pick up and delivery. There were records of laundry pick up and delivery via horse-drawn wagons in the early years before the industrial revolution. During the industrial revolution, laundry pick up and delivery was done on the electric trucks and evolved to the current gasoline-driven vehicles as the main mode of transport.

Increasingly the demands on time has also increased on us even though it is still 24 hours again. Family, work, friends and self time including rest form the big bulk of the time usage. Hence, household chores like laundry are increasingly becoming quite painful to the individual to use time for.

In recent years, doing laundry at laundromats near the place of residence and laundry pick up and delivery have gained much popularity due to the following reasons:

  • Saves Time and Space. With the work done by the dry clean and laundry professionals and their team of drivers to pick up laundry, clean all the different types of clothes in the correct way and getting your shirts, trousers pressed to perfection and thereafter send them back to you nicely packed and arranged save you the hassle from waiting the clothes to done in the washing machine, hanging them and waiting for the blouses and skirts to dry before adjusting the iron to the right setting to iron each individual piece. And while waiting the clothes to come back, you can shop and pick up new dresses to fill your wardrobe!!!
  • Serve every laundry need required. Not everyone is well endowed to be able to carry the whole family bagful of clothes consisting the shirts, trousers, kids’ uniform coupled with bedsheets, comforter, quilts of the various rooms and sofa covers and walk to the nearest laundry service provider that is a few hundred metres away. The personalised laundry pick up and delivery service will ensure all these work can be handled without you breaking up in sweat and also by telling what things to be handled on the particular article, e.g to remove stain on the red blouse, the service actually serve every laundry need required.

  • Ease of usage. With advancement in communication methods, for most dry clean and laundry service providers like Reward Laundry, all you need to do is call (Tel: 65344843), email ([email protected]), Facebook message (, or book an appointment via our online booking, it is no wonder it appeals to the young and old.

  • Island-wide coverage. In Singapore, dry clean and laundry service providers like Reward Laundry are able to pick up and deliver to all accessible locations and even your office, if required.

  • Alternate pick up points. Need to catch a flight just before you knock off from work?? Dry Clean and Laundry service providers like Reward Laundry have accessible service points in CDB around to facilitate the ease of picking up your laundry to pack into your luggage before you leave the office. Drop by our convenient location near Raffle Place MRT and get your dry clean done within 1 Hour.

  • Express Service. On top of the above benefits, express service within 48hours turnaround is possible and even same day laundry requirements at the service point is possible. Enquire at 6534 4843 for the charges.

  • And it’s Free. Most laundry and dry clean service providers like Reward Laundry provide free pick up and delivery service with fulfilment of a minimum order price.

With so many reasons to use the laundry pick up and delivery, it is no wonder it has gained popularity over the recent times in Singapore.