After having a dream wonderful white “Christmas” or that wonderful skiing trip, the challenge is to have the winter clothes cleaned well. Winter clothing are made of different materials and have different surfaces to protect you from the different winter conditions and protect different parts of your body.

Sometimes, after unpacking the stored bags and taking out your wollies, to your horror, you discover that your favourite suede overcoat ruined by attacks of the moths. Improper washing and storage of your winter clothes are contributing factors to this. To overcome this and upkeep the condition of your clothes, proper cleaning and storage is key.

Sending it to a professional winter clothing dry cleaning company will ensure the right kind of cleaning is done to ensure it is the best way to clean them and lengthen the life of the clothing.

A lot of people send their winter clothes for dry cleaning because of the following reasons:

  • Ensuring the clothes get the right chemicals to clean them thoroughly. Different materials require different type of cleaning chemicals and the conventional detergent won’t be suitable to be used to clean your winter coats. Also, a lot of times, even though you own the winter clothes, you don’t know what is the best type of chemical to use. So letting the experts do it is the best way to solve this.
  • Drying the clothes. Drying winter clothes is slow process and requires the right temperature. Having a humid environment locally makes it even more challenging. Hence, leaving it with the experts ensure the clothes are dried thoroughly and are not damaged in the drying process.
  • The clothes are protected. Suede, Velvet and Leather Winter Jackets require more attention and for some, protectors are applied onto the jacket to protect the material. For some, conditioners are applied to keep the leather soft and wearable. Sending it to the experts will ensure all these are taken care of. Down Jackets require delicate care as too much pressure and using normal detergent will damage the feathers. Dry cleaners have the solutions to ensure they are protected at all times from cleaning to drying.
  • Handling odd shaped clothing. It is tricky to handle the cleaning for winter clothing like ear muffs , gloves and hats. Some ear muffs have detachable parts to aid in cleaning. However, you may need to re shape before it is air dryed. Hats are also comes in different shapes and materials. Hence, it is best to send to the dry cleaners to assess what kind of cleaning is required and ensure they come back in good shape.
  • Affordability. Many times winter clothing are not cheap to start with. Hence, after getting a piece you like and at a significant price, keeping the piece well maintained for the longest time is the best. Hence, while the cleaning might cost a bit, it is a small price to pay to upkeep your favourite winter clothes over a long period of time.