For your wedding, there are many things that made it so special. The atmosphere, the sisters, the groom, the proceedings,etc. And one of the most perplexing piece to all this is the wedding gown. Many hours are spent on envisioning, trying out, adjustments, analysing what best fits and coupled with a sizeable amount to buy it. Just for the perfect wedding ceremony….After going through all the hassle and making the grandest of entrance to walk in the aisle, well,the next big question after the sweetest honeymoon , is what’s next?

Shall I preserve it to pass down a family heirloom? Shall I wear it during my wedding anniversaries? Shall I keep it and “Trash the dress” after 5 years? Shall I re design it to a new dress?……

Well, before you answer all these questions, you have to get it thoroughly cleaned and preserved as you will need to keep it for a considerable period of time. Depending on the material and storage conditions, especially unseen stains like champagne spills, that will turn the gown yellow in no time after oxidising.

7 Important Tips to guide you in Dry Cleaning and Preserving your precious Wedding Gown :

  • Prior to sending it for dry cleaning, take note not to wrap your wedding gown in plastic. The off-gassing vapours and moisture that are trapped can damage it. Use a padded hangar. Ordinary wire hangar may see the weight of the gown will stretch and distort the weave of the fabric.
  • Send the wedding gown for dry cleaning at the earliest possible time. Time is critical in preserving the gown in the best possible condition and work required to be done to remove the stains,if any, that will save on the cost you need to pay for dry cleaning it.
  • Have a discussion with your dry cleaners to discuss what methods, i.e wet or dry cleaning, is best suited for your gown and any special areas to handle with care, especially embellishments.
  • Highlight any stains and known unseen stain areas on the gown to your dry cleaners for treatment.
  • Do research and decide method of preservation. Different method of preservation will require different ways of handling. For example, if you choose to box it, you need to ensure it is properly folded and use acid free tissue paper to place in between the folds to prevent creasing. Vacuum packing is a no no for wedding gowns.
  • Inspect your gown thoroughly before preservation. Do one last inspection before you put it into preservation. Most preservation companies will recommend you take one last look to ensure the wedding gown has been thoroughly dry clean. You may find out more about wedding gown preservation here.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place. Exposure to light and moisture will shorten the life of the gown.