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If you are looking for a laundromat in Singapore, you have come to a right place. Reward Laundry provides full range of laundry solutions. We are able to meet your specific needs for your laundry requirement. Our team are committed to support your daily request.

Our Services include:


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Why Laundry With Us?

Reward Laundry caters to both private and corporate customers needs. With latest technology supporting our operations, we have the largest delivery team in Singapore. With fast and reliable services, we have gained trust from over 20,000 customers over the past 7 years.

Our wide range of laundry services ensure you to save time with one-stop provider. Leave the hassle laundry chores to our professional team covering island-wide in Singapore every day!

With deep understanding of our customers needs, we provide different speed in our Laundry services, from within a week to same day laundry services, we strive hard to fulfill our customers expectations.

Call our hotline today to book for a pick up appointment!

The Best Laundry Service Provider In Singapore

Normal Service

4-5 Working Days

Express Services

48 Hours Laundry Services

Island-Wide Pick Up

Instant Booking

Free Delivery

Minimum $50

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

20,000+ Happy Customer

Your Trusted Laundry Partner

7+ Years Industry Leader

Affordable Laundry Prices For Top Notch Quality

PowerLoad Wash

  • 3-4 working days
  • Min 5 KG

Shirts Laundry

  • Starch Pressing Included
  • Steam Pressing

Ironing Service

From $290pcs
  • Steaming Technology
  • No Shinny Mark Guaranteed
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星加坡专业干洗收送服务,拥有超过7年经验, 最大收送团队。多年来我们服务超过2万家顾客,提供一站式干洗,洗衣服务。是您值得信赖的洗衣伙伴。 拨打我们的热线,友善的客户人员将会依据您的需要,安排收送流程。 专业的收送团队,星加坡全岛收送。确保您的衣物准时送到。 保证满意的服务,让您能够轻松享受生活的美好。 服务种类 干洗,水洗各类衣物,床单,地毯。 干洗窗帘,一站式拆装收送。 [...]

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