A wedding gown is the ultimate memory of that one day in life in which two people are joined in marriage. Many keep the dress under strong preservation to be seen many years later exactly the way it looked, giving a natural flashback to the past on that day. Preserving the wedding gown is about shielding it from oxidation, yellowing, and mould so there are nostains and obvious spotting from oxidation. At Reward Laundry, we know the importance of that and how we can store the wedding dress safely.

Preserving The Memories

With the understanding to preserve all wedding gowns, there are strong ways to seal it fresh even after one day of use so it can be reused in future weddings. At Reward Laundry, we have the best wedding gown preservation system in Singapore. A wedding gown is always protected with a thick plastic bag, but regular plastic, if not regularly cleaned, could leave the stains on the dress it was meant to protect. A wedding dress should be preserved as soon as the ceremony is over because it can quickly succumb to oxidation. Due to the country’s tropical climate and humidity, mildew and mould are likely to start growing on the dress after a certain period of time. It is virtually impossible to keep any formal attire clean after a period of time because of the hidden sweat stains and other moisture that will oxidise and leave the stains permanent.

How It Works

At Reward Laundry, we have waterproof gown boxes that is folded as neat as possible and sealed in to prevent the humidity from seeping in. Like our dry cleaning and laundry, it is all eco-friendly. The acid-free paper that gives layers of protection feature no chemicals, is organised in their Garment Archival Storage, silica is placed to suck in any moisture, and it is free for pickup and delivery.

Why Reward Laundry

We go above and beyond for dry cleaning and laundry that is affordable, from pants to the wedding gown. For the past eight years, Reward Laundry have served Singapore in performing the best laundry and dry cleaning services for the thousands of customers who come in and out every day. They are experienced in giving the perfect clean to every piece of clothing and towards every inch of the fabric, including the sacred wedding dress.

The wedding dress is symbolic of a beautiful day. It is not something meant to be worn once a year but once in a generation. Have it preserved safely and professionally by Reward Laundry and see it freeze in time until it has to be open and worn again.