The wedding is a day every bride-to-be dreams of. It is the special day for everyone, especially for her. The symbol of this day is the bridal gown and veil. She will wear it only once and it has been clean and perfect. Keeping it clean leading up to the wedding is itself another hassle. When necessary, make sure you send it to a reliable place who knows the delicate fabric of the dress and can hold onto it without damaging it. This is what we do.

At Reward Laundry, we have a special unit just for bridal gowns. The team specializes in the extreme care for dresses and provide the final touch by hand. We take care of hundreds of wedding dresses every week and get it done even the day before the wedding. Normal cleaning is usually two weeks, but with our express service, we can do it the day before. Having the wedding gown steamed the day before ensures fresh perfection before it is worn. The dress will be wrapped or hanged accordingly based on the material for serving it back to you.

A little background on steam ironing: it does require pressing on the clothing as hot plate ironing does and there is no risk of burns. The clothes are hanged and then a high-temperature steamer goes up and down without touching them, removing the wrinkles. A steamer can be used on fabrics that are soft and delicate such as silk, satin, and polyester. It is more convenient and safer to use than risk the burns of an iron hot plate, which can damage the wedding dress because it is placed directly on it. We at Reward Laundry take a more advanced approach with ironing and our steam cleaning gets the job done.

Like regular laundry and dry cleaning, Reward Laundry also has express service for your wedding gown. We give top priority for urgent orders needed for fast return. You can make an appointment for same day service. This includes the wedding veil and bolero cleaning. Come in the morning, leave in the afternoon with a fresh, steam-cleaned wedding dress wrapped carefully to preserve it all the way until the moment comes.

Bridal gowns represent the memory of that special day. During the wedding, gowns get dirty easily, notably at the bottom as it drags along the floor. At Reward Laundry, we provide the most professional dry cleaning/steam ironing service for wedding gowns and suits. We understand the need to have everything being clear as day before that key moment comes. Not even a slight wrinkle or stain should be seen. We are committed to restoring your dress to original form and making it last a lifetime for future generations and to appear as new as it was initially made.

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