Reward Laundry offers professional dry cleaning services for various products, including Tuxedos. We tailor our cleaning to the desires of our client. We are skilled in ironing to preserve the shape and style of padded jackets or shirts and will give special attention to the creasing of pockets and pants as requested.

A tuxedo is an integral part of your wardrobe and the right maintenance will keep your tuxedos looking great and lasting long. Reward Laundry can help you with your tuxedo maintenance.

Tuxedos can be costly. When maintained correctly, they will last for a long time. Reward Laundry wants to help you save time and money by servicing your tuxedo needs. If you want to get the most out of your products dry clean consistently. At Reward Laundry, we can ensure your Tuxedo is cleaned and pressed to your preference, we can also remove stains and maintain the integrity of the fabric. The best way to ensure your tuxedo can be used time and time again, is to keep it looking sharp and brand new.

After each time your tuxedo is worn, you should have it dry cleaned and pressed by Reward Laundry. This will ensure your Tuxedo is ready to use when you need it. Reward Laundry will clean and remove stains in the material so they do not set in, causing permanent damage. We recommend removing any lint or dust with a lint roller and airing out the tuxedo to keep the garments fresh between cleanings.

Each piece of the tuxedo will be delicately handled and washed separately at Reward Laundry. We have environmentally friendly methods of cleaning and protecting the materials. We do not use harsh chemicals.

Metal irons or presses can cause unsightly wrinkles and creases or worse, burn marks. We steam press all tuxedos, providing a 100% no burn mark guarantee. We also provide low temperature drying which helps to maintain the materials size and shape. High-heat can distort the threads and affect the fit of the tuxedo. Low temperature drying will maintain the original sizing and structure. Low temperature drying also helps to maintain the original coloring of the fabric and will keep your tuxedo looking like new.

Reward Laundry strives to provide easy, accessible services to our customers. We offer a variety of services to prolong the life of your clothing products. For the convenience of our customers we offer urgent services so our customers can have their clothing serviced within a given time-frame and we also offer door-to-door collection so our customers can make the most of their time.

Reward Laundry offers affordability, expertise and convenience. We care about our customers and we care about making our customers look good. We are centrally located and strive to meet your needs whether it be for urgent cleaning services, convenient front door collection or advice on storage. Keeping your tuxedos looking sharp and new is an important part of our business. We have the skills and the knowledge to give your tuxedos the best care possible.