Laundry Service For Schools In Singapore

At Reward Laundry, we provide the most comprehensive laundry services for schools in Singapore. With largest delivery team in Singapore, we provide the most flexible pick up & delivery schedule for all type of school cleaning needs. A quick glance on what are the items we could clean for school:

  • School Uniform Cleaning
  • School Rug & Carpet Cleaning
  • School Curtains Cleaning
  • Schools Table Linen Laundry
  • Sport Jersey Laundry or Dry Cleaning
  • Sleeping Bag Cleaning
  • Active Wear Washing
  • School Hostel Bed Sheet Cleaning
  • School Hostel Mattress Cleaning

Affordable & Reliable Laundry Services For Schools

At Reward Laundry, we provide free delivery services for all our laundry and dry cleaning orders. We serve the entire Singapore. With strong experience in laundry and dry cleaning industry, we understand the needs of schools laundry and dry cleaning needs. Send us a request to check for lowest quote. Call our professional team today at our hotline.

Why Use Our Services For Schools?

As a one stop service provider, we are able to cater the wide range of laundry needs of your school. From dry cleaning the teachers and staff jackets, to the special occasions attire like school debate jacket, band and choir dresses and tuxedos, to handling domestic items like school hall and classroom curtains and office rugs, you just need to call us to settle all of these for you while you focus on other important matters in the school.

Normal Service

4-5 Working Days

Express Services

48 Hours Laundry Services

Island-Wide Pick Up

Instant Booking

Free Delivery

Experience Team

100% Satisfaction

20,000+ Happy Customer

Your Trusted Laundry Partner

7+ Years Industry Leader

How To Choose School Laundry Service Provider?

To select the best service provider for your school’s laundry needs, you need to access:

a) Reliability, b) Value for money, and c) Ability. You will need to access if the service provider had been providing such services to other schools and able to deliver on time , whether they are able to provide the best service at a reasonable rate and lastly, the ability to handle all your laundry needs. At Reward Laundry, we had been providing laundry for many schools across the island on schedule, uses high quality cleaning agents for your items at a reasonable pricing and able to handle a wide range of requests from the school. So call us now

Steps to book a school laundry pick up with us

Step 1 : Get ready on what items you want to send in , the quantity and whether it is dry cleaning or laundry service required

Step 2: Call us at 65344843 or 96534455 to talk to our consultant on your requirements

Step 3: Receive Proposal and discuss with your management

Step 4: Call back to confirm appointment

Step 5: Sit back and relax while we get the laundry done after pick up. A return date will be updated to you before we leave your premises

Step 6: Our staff will call you again prior to departing to return your items.

Step 7: Receive your cleaned laundry upon arrival