In Singapore, the pace of life is fast and hectic. There is demands to use your time to fulfil many roles and responsibilities in a day everywhere, excluding the required hours for rest. Schedules can be quite a headache, let alone handling monthly ones. And there are days where you realised you have to pack, get your clothes cleaned before the next flight tomorrow. There are also days where you are wearing your smartest white shirt and the gravy from the laksa spilled over to it. In sticky situations like this, you can approach most dry cleaners like Reward Laundry for help to do express service for your laundry.

Reward Laundry provides home and office pick up services for your laundry needs to save you precious time. It is also able to provide 48 hours express service to get urgent laundry done for your coats, jackets, dresses, gowns, ties, shirts, blouses, skirts, winter coats, overcoats. And a few of the professional dry cleaners provide same day dry cleaning service to get you out of sticky situations where it is time critical to get a stain off your clothes.

Typically, the additional charges for 48 hours express service is at 100% additional charges and same day service is at 200% additional charges.

Of course, these express services are recommended to be used in times where it is absolutely urgent or time critical to get your laundry handed. As many a times, a normal wash cycle of 4 working days will suffice to cater to your needs to do your mass shirts, trousers, coats washing and for bigger items like bedsheets, comforter, sofa covers, normal laundry washing is recommended to achieve better cleaning results.

So while the same day cleaning service is available, it is used for specific needs and situation. So when you pick up the phone to call Reward Laundry for pick up, remember to request the right service for the right situation.

Important Note:

* Same day dry clean services is available on Monday to Friday (8am-7pm) at our outlet only. You could collect your dry clean item within 1 hour.