Project the Professional Image you want

In Singapore, there are many professions that are set up to meet the specific needs of Singapore. For a start, doctors and dentists are important to ensure Singaporeans are kept healthy and have healthy gums and teeth. There are also challenges where people need to have legal representation in court and the lawyer is required. Engineers, Architects, Bankers are also paramount to meet the needs of the country and fellow countrymen financial. As the key person, to meet the individual needs or representative in a legal setting, the No.1 projection requirement is to be able to project the professional image you want to your potential customers. The doctors universal white coat project a image of cleanliness and professionalism. The court robes of the lawyers serve as reminders of the law and as symbols of neutrality. All these and other professions’ clothes require a strong need to upkeep the attire. At Reward Laundry, we are able to upkeep the whiteness of the doctors’ robes, able to handle the various types of lawyer robes and the coats of bankers. Ring us to ensure focused large scale laundry needs are handled and can be at a periodic basis, urgent turnovers or long term contracts with attractive rates.