Why Do You Need To Clean Your Onesie?

While it’s fun to wear onesies, you need to clean it frequently. To best protect it’s material, we recommend that you use a gently dry cleaning by a trusted dry cleaner. You should clean your onesie every time you wear it, as it’s very easy to absorb body odour and sweat especially in Singapore weather. Germ or yellow spot may develop if you leave a onesie unwashed for a certain period of time.

How To Protect Your Onesie While Cleaning?

To protect the fleece material of your onesie costume, use gentle dry cleaning detergent and request for gentle drying to your dry cleaner. Indicate to your service provider if you have any stains on your costume. A delicate cleaning process is important to keep the colour of your onesie fresh and vibrant.

Where Can You Clean Your Onesie?

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