Need clean clothes? Do you know what’s the difference between laundry and dry cleaning? Both laundry washing and dry cleaning are targeted at removing stains. However, as the very names suggest, laundering involves conventional cleaning of clothes with water, detergent, and softener, while dry cleaning refers to cleaning using solvent without the use of water. Both have their pros and cons, but both are good for cleaning clothes and Reward Laundry can do both for you.

Our laundry services is for both private and company customers in washing regular clothes and uniforms. Laundry involves simply the use of water, which is the best to use when it comes to cleaning a fabric and containing its freshness once it is dried. Laundry detergent has gotten rid of harmful chemicals for a more environment friendly wash compared to dry cleaning. It is energy efficient and more cheaper because it uses regular detergent and softeners to mix with water. At Reward Laundry, the PowerLoad Wash and PowerStain Removal system is able to make clothes all nice and smell fresh again.

Our dry cleaning is organic and natural and features EcoPower Dry Cleaning specialty to strengthen your clothes. Dry cleaning removes stains and spots effectively and reduces the chance of the clothes shrinking, a risk in regular laundry. Since dry cleaning is a softer washing process, it works with wool and silk much better than laundry does, which is why it helps clean curtains and rugs too. By shielding the texture, color, and fabric, it extends the life of clothes, especially formal shirts, pants, and suits, making them look as good as new. While it uses up a lot more energy to get it done, dry cleaning does use organic compounds and carbon-dioxide to eat out the stains to keep clothes fresh.

At Reward Laundry, we feature both services that will help you with what you need. Using the right approach allows us to help keep the clothing like new. We go above and beyond for dry cleaning and laundry that is affordable. For the past 8 years, we have served Singapore in performing the best laundry and dry cleaning services for the thousands of customers who come in and out every day. They are experienced in giving the perfect clean to every piece of clothing and towards every inch of the fabric, setting the bar in quality service amongst all laundry and dry cleaning services in the city. Washing, ironing, and alterations, Reward Laundry can help out with whatever you decide.

Prices vary per piece of clothing. We take out work seriously and all for your benefit to keep you moving as we know day-to-day life in Singapore is non-stop and, in a city like this, everybody has something important to do. We at Reward Laundry have made many customers happy with our fast, easy service in both laundry and dry cleaning that is reliable and always trustworthy.

If you are not sure whether to laundry or dry clean your clothing? Please contact us for more information. Our trained staff will be able to support you.