Your time is precious and scarce, especially if you live in an urban area like Singapore. Even more precious is having a great professional appearance at work; your kids need to appear neatly at school and in social gatherings!

When you add your kids’ laundry to your existing workload, the problem becomes even more daunting!

Therefore, how do you balance work and family laundry pressure without an extra hand? Of course, the natural answer is to seek a Dry Cleaning Service Singapore. However, we would say you need a reliable and kids friendly laundry service Singapore!

Why Reliable Laundry Service Singapore?

We do know how frustrating it is when your Laundry Service Singapore failed to deliver, more so if you have to do your kids laundry as well. You need to look professional and have all your laundry done without the hassles of going back and forth to the dry cleaner.

Another concern is the handling of your costly clothes for durability. If you do not use the right cleaning agent or the ironing is poorly done, it could ruin your expensive apparel!

A reliable Laundry Delivery Singapore will have incredible customer service that treats you like a king. Also, it will ensure prompt delivery of your clothes. Above all, your Laundry Service Singapore should be reasonably priced not to leave a deep hole in your pocket.

Benefits of a Kids Friendly Laundry Service Singapore

It is the desire and joy of every loving parent to have their kids look neat and smart always! Kids love to play, and indeed, it is by playing that they could learn faster. However, the more your kids play dirt, the more you need to clean their clothes to avoid looking unclean and prevent germs.

Therefore, a kids’ friendly cleaning service in Singapore will handle your kids’ clothing as you would as a parent. Moreover, in all modesty, that is what we do at Reward Laundry Service Singapore!

About Reward Laundry Service Singapore

Our Laundry Service Singapore leverages on more than eight years of dry cleaning experience. The clients know for providing the finest and courteous dry cleaning service in Singapore based on the philosophy of Quality job delivery.

With the quality mindset and taking responsibility for every job we handle, Reward Laundry Service Singapore builds a close relationship with its clients to the point of guaranteeing 24/7 laundry delivery Singapore, and we have never disappointed!

What sets Reward Laundry Service Apart?

That we have consistently maintained minimal customer turnover for more than eight years of unmatched quality service is because of our unalloyed commitment to offering customer-friendly laundry services as follows:

  • Eco-friendly dry cleaning using cleaning agents that are not harmful to the environment and the client;

  • Island-wide delivery taking cognizance of the busy nature of our client to make life easier for them;

  • Targeted treatment to handle each customer according to what best suits them.

Why you should choose Reward Laundry Service

  • We have the most dedicated support team

  • Consistent quality & best customer service

  • 7 Days Customer Support

  • Easy booking channel for peace of mind

  • The reward membership for further cost saving

For all your family laundry needs, make Reward Laundry Service Singapore your first choice and enjoy the best dry cleaning solution! Call us today to make a booking.