Sheer Curtain Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

How To Identify Day Curtain?

Well, sometimes it’s called sheer or net curtain, because of its ability to let sunlinght through. Day curtain is being used when you still need the light and want to maintain your privacy during day time. Normally it’s made up from a thinner material. Day curtain also allows better air ventilation and creates a filter to strong sunlight.

During cleaning, make sure your dry cleaning provider clean them separately with night and blackout curtains. As day curtains may be torn easily. Normally being white or cream colour, the detergent being used should be different to maintain its brightness.

Night curtains

are normally installed as next level of day curtains. The job of night curtain is to provide complete privacy at night when you are calling it a day. Night curtain has a touch and feel same as normal fabric. It’s normally thicker than day curtains. Some lights may still be able to go through your night curtains depending on its thickness.

When cleaning night curtains, the best way is to dry clean it as wather washing may cause shrinkage to happen. Check with your dry cleaner about the type of cleaning service available.

Blackout Curtains

are the thickest material among all. When you touch and feel the blackout curtains, it feels like it’s added with a layer of rubber material on it. Blackout curtains job is to completely block the sunlight, making your room in complete pitch dark.

Blackout curtains can by dry cleaned by professional dry cleaner. Find out more with our experience staff how to clean your blackout curtain.