Looking for laundry home collection? Can’t make it to the nearest Laundromat or dry cleaner in person? It is understandable because people are busy and moving around dropping off these clothes takes up precious time and people prefer if there was someone there to pick up and deliver our laundry back. There is one business that does this and with top quality and on time to fit everyone’s needs and services in all sectors in Singapore.

At Reward Laundry, we go above and beyond for quick dry cleaning. For nearly a decade, we have served Singapore in performing the best laundry and dry cleaning services for the thousands of customers who come in and out every day. They are experienced in giving the perfect clean to every piece of clothing and towards every inch of the fabric, setting the bar high in quality service amongst all laundry and dry cleaning services in the city. Washing, ironing, and alterations, Reward Laundry can help out. 

Our laundry booking services has the same prices as our outlet, meaning delivery services are free if the order is at least $80 for laundry, and $100 for curtains cleaning. Reward Laundry allows clients have less stress by staying at home and not carry all of the laundry to our store; in fact, our delivery services continues on despite the weather at every corner in the city. Call if in the need for urgent laundry collection, namely for the next day, and a schedule can be set up where laundry is picked up at the doorand returned in 24 hours.

Within our urgent laundry express, discover how we use organic, pro-environmental ways of doing business. We use various soaps that cuts down our carbon footprint and machines that speeds up the process, the EcoPower wash, while ensuring the fresh, clean look (and smell) while saving time. In addition, we remove the use of plastic and reuse hangers to cut down on the amount of garbage that comes from normal dry cleaning. In one swoop, your clothes will be clean and making a positive impact on the environment and encourages others at home to follow the same pattern of keeping it friendly for our ecosystem.

We provide FREE island-wide  Door to Door laundry delivery services. Our delivery service offers simplicity and convenience for your household needs. Make An Appointment Online today for your laundry or dry cleaning pick up!

Simply sit back and relax. No more carrying heavy laundry around! Try our door to door service now!