Being a multi racial country, Singapore has festive occasions that we celebrate. Deepavali or

Diwali, is one of such occasions. Deepavali, also known as the “festival of lights”, is a festival that

is celebrated in autumn or spring every year by Hindus to mark the triumph of good over evil and

light over darkness. The night before Diwali, Deepavali, the main evening of Lakshmi Pujan,

thousands of Hindu families around Singapore will turn their homes into bright lights through

actions like decorating their doorways with “rangoli” and lights around the house.

As a custom, this is also the time of the year, where “spring cleaning” takes place before the

festival. It is also the time where many of you start preparing the sarees, shimmering ghagra cholis,

Shalwars, Sherwanis, Churidars, kurtas, modi kurtas and wraparound dhotis to be in tip top

condition for the festival. With the hectic lifestyle in Singapore, all these preparation work can be

quite a handful to juggle.

One of the best way is to hunt for service provider to handle all your cleaning needs. Dry Cleaners

like Reward Laundry, offers a wide range of dry cleaning solutions. To start off, they are able to

offer pick up service to assist in dry cleaning your home items like curtains, blinds, rugs, sofa

covers, bedsheets and mattresses. With the same pick up, you can send your the sarees,

shimmering ghagra cholis, Shalwars, Sherwanis, Churidars, kurtas, modi kurtas and wraparound

dhotis to be dry cleaned back the tip top condition. With the dry cleaners in the house, they are

able to provide the right care for your items, especially delicate items like sarees which has many

different types ranging from silk to cotton. Being the experts, they will also take special care to

protect the sequins, They are also able to work on the stains that are pre existing. While not all

stains are removable, the experts would be able to lighten the stains so that your clothes still look

good. While the typical cleaning time is about 4 to 5 working days, you can request for express 48

hours cleaning at additional costs, if required. On site carpet cleaning is also available upon


Some Dry Cleaners like Reward Laundry, also offer another service which could be a life saver.

They have alteration services where you will be able to alter your curtains, kurtas, modi Kurtas and

jackets, shimmering ghagra and cholis to fit you or provide the style you want to wear it as.

So don’t need to worry this Deepavali, just dial 65344843 to talk to our staff to work out the best

stress free dry cleaning solution for you!