It’s this time of the year again you need to estimate your curtain weight in order to calculate the cost of dry cleaning. Here at Reward Laundry, we are able to assist you.

Over the years we gain some experience on the average curtain weight we have collected. We hope the following chart is able to help you in preparing your home cleaning routine.

Width 1 Meter and Below 1-2 Meter 2 -3 Meter
Day Curtain N/A N/A N/A
Night Curtain (Per Pcs) 1.8-2.2KG 2.5-2.8KG 3.5-4.5KG
Night Curtain With Lining (Per Pcs) 2.2-2.5KG 2.8-3.5KG 4-6KG
Blackout Curtain (Per Pcs) 3.5-4.5KG 4-6KG 6-8KG




  1. For loft height, you may X 1.5 to estimate your curtain weight.
  2. For double storey height curtain, you may double the weight from the above chart.
  3. Please take note that the above are our statistic we collected over the years. Actual weight and cost still based on the quality of your curtain.
  4. Reward Laundry creates the above chart for the purpose as guideline for our customers, we are not responsible to any dispute or claim that arise from the given information.


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