Exclusive and Personalised Service at the Country Club

Exclusiveness, Premier, Tranquil and Private. Customers at your country club love their weekends sailing, golfing in the lush greenery, swimming and other sports activity followed by a great time dining at their favourite restaurant coupled with chilling out at the bar at the corner thereafter. Providence of personalised service and exclusives could begin with professional looking staff with their well pressed uniforms, the caddies wearing smart polo tees with their smart looking cap and warm cleaned towels in the toilets.

And to top it up, out comes the premier executive chef wearing his smart white jacket and apron to cook in front of the diners and that well dressed bartender mixing cocktails to end the evening. Reward Laundry is able to provide extra touch to ensure the uniforms of all the staff and dining linens are cleaned and pressed to the highest quality and give the No.1 Country Club experience. We are also able to work with you to offer dry cleaning and laundry at a periodic basis, urgent turnovers or a long term contract with attractive rates.