Performance Costume Dry Cleaning Service

Dry cleaning is an essential importance in maintaining your clothes to the best quality. With casual clothing, it is quite common and fairly easy to work with. With Performance costumes, it is absolutely different. It is more delicate to work with because of the fabrics, size, and design on the costume that makes it more tricky. We, at Reward Laundry know how to take care of your stage costumes with the utmost care in the strongest way possible, as we do with all of our clothing.

At Reward Laundry, we keep all of your clothes in the best shape, fresh and clean, and easy to return when finished. Our dry cleaning isn’t just regular dry cleaning, but it is environmentally friendly. We take any clothing – jackets, shirts, trousers, dresses, suits, and even performance costumes. Everything is treated with special care with the best use of ingredients in our process. When finished and ready, you don’t have to drive to us because we can come to you. With free delivery drop-off services, you get simplicity and convenience in retrieving your dry cleaning. There is no need to drag clean clothes to the car or walk with it to the house.

We also use delicate means in dry cleaning clothes thank to our EcoPower Dry Cleaning system, which protects your clothes from shrinkage and color fading. Getting the right elements in dry cleaning can help in enjoying more wearing the best styles. Using different soaps and substances that are not harmful to the environment is what we like to give a natural, fresh feel to your clean clothes. In addition, our cleaning procedures use steam pressers, preventing any burn marks with irons.

Costumes are expensive in buying, which means they must be cared for in a delicate manner. Most costumes can be dry cleaned like other clothes, but some are better off hand washed. With tights and leotards, they should hang dried outside and never put in a dryer. They should be washed by hand, not by washing machine, and use cool water. Be gentle with zippers, as they are very fragile in certain costumes and not sturdy in regular pants. With accessories attached, we need to wrap them before wash. These materials used in costumes vary on how it should be dry cleaned, as well as finding the right place to hand them in.

Reward Laundry knows how to handle your clothing, especially performance costumes. Our dry cleaning is eco-friendly and organic, giving a purpose of clean clothes and a safer environment. It helps any type of clothing given to us, especially performance costumes. They must last longer in daily use and we can keep it that way. In addition, it will be cared for in an eco-friendly way. Trust us to help take care of them after each show and we will make it like if it was new all over again. We make sure you look the best on stage and ever ready again!