Clothes are a very important part of our day. We get up and we want to look the best we possibly can. We want to look smart, neat and very professional. However, sometimes, we get a little more than we require. Lint is a common occurrence on clothes, sometimes they just show up on your clothes and this can be annoying. Furthermore, washing the piece of clothing doesn’t always get rid of the lint which can be very problematic. You have clothing which you love and would probably want to wear but you simply can’t because of the occurrence of lint.

Some of your clothing may start to accumulate fabrics fibre overtimes, creating an unpleasant look with many tiny fuzzy balls on the surface. This could be annoying and if you do not know how to remove it, send to us and let our team knows during dry cleaning. We provide add-on services to restore your clothes back to its original look. Lint on clothing can be managed, reduced but cannot be removed entirely. However, regular care on your clothes could maximize the lifespan of your attire.

What exactly is lint?

Ever noticed tiny accumulation of loose piece of clothing fibers? That is precisely what lint is. The accumulation of clothing fibers or some foreign materials. Lint is formed as a result of usage of clothes. The wear and tear effect of usage applies to clothes as well. As we use our clothes, pieces of fabric from the clothes get loose, and get stuck on the clothes, making the cloth seem kind of dirty.

Why should you remove lint?

Lint doesn’t just make your clothes dirty, there is also the added issue of defacing the clothes. The lint can discolor your clothes, giving them an odd coloring which will not look good. Removing link ensures that your clothes have the intended design, color and look, making you look as stylish and smart as possible.

Why choose us?

We are reward laundry, based in the heart of the business district of Singapore. We provide the best laundry services to entire Singapore with an excellent turnaround and fantastic results on all our work. We don’t just wash your clothes, we get them looking in the best shape possible, eliminating the issue of clean clothes from your mind, freeing you up to take on more important challenges. With Reward laundry, all your laundry related problems will simply disappear.

Benefits of removing lint

When you remove lint, you enjoy the following benefits

Prolonged shelf-life of clothes: Removing lint helps extend the usage duration of your clothes by ensuring that more cloth fibers don’t break free due to contact with lint.

Avoid skin diseases: Some lint is formed from foreign materials and can cause a reaction with the skin. Removing lint helps ensure that such a situation does not occur.

Professional look: Looking professional is very important especially in the business industry. Removing lint helps ensure that you look sharp, smart and ready to work

While it is not possible to stop lint totally, proper maintenance and minimal occurrence of lint are more than achievable. With the right help, you can keep your lint occurrence to a minimum and avoid having to buy new sets of clothes too frequently.

We at Reward laundry possess the necessary expertise and abilities to help achieve a minimal lint occurrence. Visit our website today to begin your journey with us, make a booking with us and we’ll handle all your lint related problems and deliver your clothes right to your doorstep.