Canadian Goose Winter Jackets are popular for various reasons can be used in any winter setting. After traveling with them and using it everywhere under the cold, snowy skies, they have to be dry cleaned properly. Because of its delicacy, you want to have the right place to take care of it and clean all winter wear. At Reward Laundry, don’t worry about washing your own winter clothing when back from holiday. Also, don’t worry about carrying all of that bulky winter wear from home to the dry cleaners. With one call, Reward Laundry will go to your door and collect what your need to be cleaned. Call us for our free delivery service today.

Why Us?

By working with professionals that add in the right process, you will easily be able to enjoy organic cleaning. The detergents are made with all-natural ingredients, Eco-friendly, as a way to lower the carbon footprint on the environment. Reward Laundry is proud to be Eco-friendly with their approach to natural dry cleaning. The process being used in each clean allows the fresh, clean look you desire while saving time with how you handle your jackets. Also, eliminating the need for plastic bags and recycling hangers for reuse helps reduce the waste coming from dry cleaning.

Our Cleaning Process

Our process includes proper steam pressing and guarantees no burn marks. We don’t use high temperature to speed things up. Low temperature drying also uses less energy and makes things more Eco-friendly while also establishing a steady dry to see that every spot in and out is spotless. If there is anything additional desired with the cleaning, we can help cater to those needs on how the garments should be taken care of. With winter coats, it takes less than a week to completely dry clean and they can either be dropped in-store or call for an appointment pickup. Plus, we handle piece by piece instead of one bulk simultaneously during the dry cleaning process. Click here to book via Whatsapp.

Value Added Services

Reward Laundry also has jacket restoration and repair services. Your Canada goose jacket after care includes getting out any stains and stitching up any loose threads. For the price of a Canada goose jacket clean, it starts at $45 per piece and $55 per overcoat. Also, service includes long johns and cotton gloves, plus free pick up & delivery. Note: there are additional charges for winter jackets with fur, accessories, and express services.

A Canadian Goose Jacket is popular because these down-filled jackets are of high quality and keep people very warm and are very light to carry. They are not cheaply made or bought, it is stylish, and the material coming with it adds to the effectiveness of the coat’s warmth. If living in Singapore, take your Canada goose jacket to Reward Laundry, where we have worked with private and corporate customers and have the largest delivery team in the city. With our fast, trusted services, more than 20,000 customers have come through our doors in the past 7 years and counting, so come over and we will show the best we always give for everyone. Call us to get your free quote now.