Your wedding gown is definitely one of your most valuable clothes not only because of its cost but because of the memories attached to it. A lot of ladies have ruined their wedding dress because of one or two little mistakes. To avoid such, here are 7 great tips on how to take care of yours

1. Give it to a professional company

Taking care of your wedding gown involves so many precautions that it is not advisable for you do it yourself. Besides, they are very sensitive. This is why it is better you give yours to a professional steaming company.

2. Use only gentle chemicals

Wedding gowns are usually made from very delicate, sensitive but expensive materials. So, you should only use very gentle chemicals on your wedding gown. However, there is a little problem with this tip. How will you differentiate gentle chemicals from harsh ones? Only a professional laundry service provider can do that. This is another reason you should let a professional handle your gown.

3. Attend to stains immediately

Once you notice a stain on your dress, you should try to wash it off as soon as possible. This is because the longer a stain stays on your dress the harder it becomes to remove it. If you are too busy to attend to it immediately, you can soak the gown.

4. Use professional pickup and delivery services

Companies that offer pickup and delivery services already have a way of protecting clothes from dirt or tear. They also know how to protect smooth clothes from being rumpled. They have a dedicated vehicle for the service. If you decide to pick your clothes yourself, it could get hooked to something and tear while you are bringing it out. You could also rumple it. Wedding gowns require special care and attention so it is better you give your gown to professionals.

5. Never store your gown in a plastic bag

Wedding gowns require air to maintain their attractive condition so you should not make the mistake of storing your gown in a plastic bag. Plastic bags are airproof while gowns cannot withstand heat. So you should not put it in any airtight enclosure.

6. Don’t store your gown in a vacuum bag

Although some clothes do well in a vacuum bag, your wedding gown is not one of them. Vacuum bags prevent proper air circulation and clothes that are made of wool like your wedding gown need to breathe. They have to be kept in a well-ventilated place. Their condition will begin to deteriorate once there is short supply of air.

7. Use professional preservation company

If you really want your gown to remain in a fantastic condition for a long time, then you should let a professional preservation company store it for you. It is their job and they know how best to preserve different materials.

In conclusion, even though the tips above are meant for wedding gowns, they can also be applied to other clothes to extend their lifespan and preserve their quality.