With the increasing cost of living in Singapore, it’s getting more and more challenging to save in your daily expenses. Here we have gathered 5 important tips for you to enjoy the same quality of life while having your pocket full.

Following steps may help you to lower the cost dry cleaning service for your clothes:

1. Gather all your dry clean item at once:

Gather all your dry clean item all at once save you trips to the dry cleaner. Even if you call for home pick up collections, some companies require you to pay delivery charge if your order is below certain amount. It’s good to limit the frequency to 2-3 times a week so that you have more “bargain power” with the quantity.

2. Read your labels:

Go through all your item and read the labels, you may discover some item may need wet cleaning. While generally wet cleaning services is more economical, you may save bucks by grouping your item before the pick up! Separate those time with stains for easy explanation when you pass your item to your respective dry cleaner. Try your best to remember what are the stains for easy removal.

3. Check for Defects:

Do you know that if your clothing are already torn, you may cause a bigger damage and end up spending more to repair them after dry cleaning? Even though most dry cleaners will perform a check before the wash, you just want to have peace of mind to double check your beloved clothing before sending them out. If you could do a repair, do it! Otherwise, check with your service provider if they do have value added services to repair your clothing. You definitely want to prevent surprise spending!

4. Try Washing in Bulk:

When you are reading through your labels, you may want to also identify some of your clothing material. If you think ironing or pressing is not really necessary, try load washing services when your clothing will be washed & folded only! Generally this kind of services takes shorter lead time, and time saving is also money saving! Many dry cleaner provides budget load washing, with under $10 you may get a very good quality wash.

5. Stick with your regular dry cleaner:

If you are satisfied with your dry cleaner, stay with them! Find out if you could get further discount by being their loyal customer! You could even get priority pick up, cheaper rate, and personalised services. How good is that! You will be the first to know what are their coming up offers. Check out their membership requirement, with a minimal fees, you have the huge benefit by becoming a good customer!

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