Beside paint , curtains are the other critical factor that makes a difference in the overall feel of the house. The colours will influence how the home feel like and curtains also serve functions like keeping the sunlight away, keeping your privacy in the house etc.  However, often, it is neglected after a period of time where dust and moisture gather when the windows are open.

Many a times, when it is time for your annual cleaning, you wonder if they should be machine wash or dry cleaned. And when you look at the labels, you realised it is all but faded.

Then you look at all the dismantling and installation work required and you feel upset.

Fret Not!!Give your curtains a new lease of life at Reward Laundry. Here’s 3 reasons why.

  • We provide eco-friendly professional laundry services for all kinds of textiles. Our team of dedicated dry cleaners offers convenience to household needs by provided starch pressing, stain removal and repair services on top of basic dry cleaning services. Be it wool, denim, nylon, silk, cotton or microfiber each fabric is carefully washed using specific techniques and solvents that are suitable for each kind of material.

  • Curtains are washed in a chemical solvent instead of water ensuring that tough stains and mould are thoroughly removed from the textile. Carefully placed in a dry cleaning machine similar to that of a washing machine, the chamber is filled up with approximately one third-full of solvent. The temperature is maintained at 30 degrees celsius as anything higher may end up damaging the textile permanently. A unique trait to Reward Laundry is that all garments and textiles are thoroughly checked for foreign objects before being washed as they may dissolve in the solvent and damage the textile beyond recovery. Worry no more about having a squashed insect embossed on an expensive ivory curtain, special steam jets and stain removal liquids will clean off ugly stains and odours in a blink of an eye. Brighten up the house for the upcoming important occasion in your life with fresh curtains on standby.

  • In addition, Reward Laundry also provides the experts who are able to dismantle and install your curtains for a reasonable fee to solve all your woes.