Upholstery Cleaning Singapore

Important Facts about Upholstery Cleaning Services

The upholstery fabric surface is porous and exposed dirt, germs, dust mites etc. Unclean sofas and cushioned patios and chairs has a very unpleasant appearance apart from ruining reputation in commercial buildings, shops, restaurants, offices and even at home. Periodical cleaning has far widespread significance than appearance and convenience. Professional cleaning at regular intervals is important to maintain proper hygiene and healthy living environment. At Reward Laundry Singapore, the professional upholstery and mattress cleaners accord extreme care and attention to the below mentioned factors to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.

  • Environment Friendly Cleaning

    The upholstery cleaning service providers offer biodegradable eco-friendly solutions for 100% silt, dust mites, food particles, grease and stain removal. The mild cleaning agents are completely free of toxic chemicals are completely safe and healthy without the risk of choking fumes or other hazards.

  • Retain Texture and Quality

    Some harsh chemicals are cheap and may cause discoloration, shrinkage and damage to your upholstery fabric or leather material. Our professional cleaners take utmost care while choosing cleaning agents to ensure that the cleaning is done perfectly without affecting the fabric texture so that it retains the same quality for years to come.

  • Hassle Free Cleaning Sessions

    The customers do not need to empty the spot during the cleaning session. The Reward Laundry upholstery cleaners Singapore implement Swedish cleaning technology that allows effective functioning with minimal sound for the convenience of the people around.

  • No Need to Allow Drying Time

    The advanced cleaning technology from Sweden involves partial moisture cleaning. After the completion of the task, very little moisture is left on the sofas and mattresses. Therefore, you do not have to worry about drying the sofas, cushions and other furnishings after cleaning. The dry chemical cleaning and sanitization smoothly works on the dirt without any need of washing and drying. You could sit or sleep on your furnitures immediately after cleaning.

  • Fast and Effective Cleaning Solution

    The Reward Laundry professionals employ advanced equipments to accomplish the cleaning and sanitizing work efficiently within a short span of time. Apart from cleaning, the team members will also sanitize and deodorize sofas, mattresses, chairs, cushions and other items so that the furniture are completely safe for kids and pets.

  • Customer Satisfaction and Support

    While guaranteeing high customer satisfaction, the Reward Laundry cleaning services Singapore also aim to provide prompt support for future appointments. The clients have the facility to customize their orders and choose flexible timings to match their schedule. The service providers take intense care offering on-the-spot cleaning at your home/office. Once they leave, your furniture is safe and ready for usage.

  • How often do You Need Upholstery Cleaning Services

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions coming from clients. The cleaning services requirement will depend on the usage and exposure to dirt. It is advisable to contact the cleaning service provider once you observe dirt and silt deposits. Stubborn deposits on the fabric surface may be hard to remove after a certain period. The cleaning service providers can advice you about the regular cleaning regime.

Refer the following for our price guide:

1 Seater Sofa

$ 80pcs

2 Seaters Sofa


3 Seaters Sofa


4 Seaters Sofa

  • Price include biodegradable cleaning, stains removal, odour removal, and sanitizing.
  • Minimum $100 per trip applicable.
  • Price indicated above are minimum price, final cost subject to size, material, and condition of the sofa.

We welcome both home and Corporate enquiry for our On The Spot Upholstery Cleaning services. Please call our hotline or send an email to [email protected] for more information.