Several studies pertaining to the fashion industry have revealed that 95% of the total textile waste that is generated every year, can be recycled; but unfortunately, the world is only reusing 15% of it. The fact that the repercussions of Global Warming are stalling at an alarming rate doesn’t have to be accentuated in bold. Rather than expecting the rest of the planet to do something about this impending apocalypse, as responsible citizens, we should start mending our ways for the others to follow.

Reward Laundry, Singapore, exemplifies this principle in particular; its chief objective is to spread awareness amongst people through their services and suggest people other recourses than simply throwing away their own clothes into the public waste stream in their nation and across the entire globe.

Ways to play a part in reducing textile wastes

  • Instead of throwing away or replacing your clothes, repair them. Get in touch with a credible repair company and transparently communicate your needs to them. The truth that the theory “one size fits all” cannot comply with everybody’s requirements is well understood by Reward Laundry and this is the reason why they incline towards customizing their services and rendering each client with relevant solutions. Find out our in-house clothing repair brand The Alteration Studio, we provide repair services ranges from fabric, to leather as well as curtains repair.

  • Use mild and eco-friendly detergent with a reputable dry cleaner for the cleansing process so that your garments last longer and the global textile wastage is curbed at the same time. For the uninitiated, eco-friendly detergents can safeguard colors and their low-temperature drying direction aids the clothes to stay new for as long as possible.

  • Like we have delineated before, let the experts handle your old clothing; if you have a new style or design in mind, convey your ideas to the company and they will take care of the rest by re-sizing and restyling it.

  • Use proper storage facilities to avoid undue cringing of the clothes and save them from molds and mildews during humid seasons. A proper storage could extend the lifespan of your clothing and gives you best return for your investment.

  • Curtail the temptations of impulsive buying. Try using different assessories for the same clothing with different occassion. We found that most of the time with impulse buying, a consumer bought the item but never wore it.

  • If you don’t feel the need of using your old clothes any more, swap them with your friends or family or give them away to the poor. Make sure the person you are donating to will use the item as studies shows most donated clothes ended up at landfill.

Reward Laundry Mission

At Reward Laundry, our mission is to help our customers increase the value of their garments through extending their life expectancy and therefore, eventually cut down on the alarming global textile wastage.