Reward Laundry strives to be the force for good to minimize waste in our community. We would like to invite you to join us! Reuse our hangers by just returning them to our staff at your next order. Let’s play a part to create a better living place for the next generations.

You will receive 50 cents rebates for every 10 hangers reused during the next order. Simply indicate how many hangers you are returning to us during appointment confirmation. Your rebate will be used to offset the next order collection on the spot.

We encourage our customers to accumulate the hangers in multiple of 10 pieces. This will speed up the operation at our factory for reused hangers cleaning and hence keep the cost low.

Should you deposit less than the minimum quantity required, we will still accept the hangers but will not disburse any rebates.

No. Reused hangers must be from Reward Laundry and in reusable condition.

Yes, reuse hangers will go through our disinfection process, our factory will do a quality check before reusing them again.