After the pomp and pageantry of a wedding have come and gone, the thought that lingers on the mind of the newly wedded bride is often the million dollar question: what becomes of my wedding dress?

While countless post-ceremonial options like selling the gown, repurposing it, donating it, and transforming it into a piece of art abound, the option that is fast becoming more popular among brides is preserving the wedding gown for posterity. To do that effectively, you will need the services of a professional wedding gown cleaning company.

If you are based in Singapore and would need Professional Wedding Dress Aftercare Services in SG, then look no further, as Reward laundry is your one-stop shop for expert bridal gown cleaning and preservation.

At Reward Laundry, we believe that a wedding gown is much more than a big bunch of fabric. We see it as a toga that holds sacred memories of the moment a couple eternally bind their souls together. As a result, we dedicate painstaking and delicate attention to every step of the preservation process to ensure that a wedding dress looks new 40 years from now, as it looked on the wedding day.

While a bride can opt to just dry clean and store her dress in a plastic bag or a box, it is not the best way to go if the integrity and purity of the dress need to be maintained for years to come.

Aside from the fact that storing the dress in a plastic bag will cause a permanent yellow all over the gown, it will be left to the negative effects of natural oxidation, insects, and molding due to high humidity.

To prevent any of this from happening, immediately after the wedding, the bridal gown needs to be put into an intricate process of dry cleaning and preservation by a bridal gown cleaning expert, and at Reward Laundry, we go above and beyond to do this and more.

At Reward Laundry we handle your wedding gown separately. After a thorough pre-washing inspection, we put every bridal gown through hand wash below a temperature of 40°C, after which they go through a delicate drying process.

After the washing and drying process, every wedding gown goes through another round of inspection for quality control purposes. Right after this, we put the pristine gown in a silica-laden preservation box to protect the dress from the effects of high humidity.

At Reward Laundry, we have different options for gown preservation. Our services cover the entire island, and we have free pickup and delivery as a core part of our value-added services to our esteemed customers.

In a nutshell, here is what sets Reward Laundry apart in the wedding gown cleaning industry:

  • Absolute professionalism and expertise in cleaning and preserving important garments.

  • All bridal gowns are handled separately

  • Every bridal gown goes through a delicate drying process

  • Each gown goes through detailed inspection before and after wash

  • We offer free pickup and delivery services

  • We have options for gown preservation

The wedding gown is a physical reminder of that special day when two hearts were sealed as one. We strongly believe in that, so we put in painstaking effort to ensure that every wedding dress that comes through our doors are cleaned and preserved with the highest standard of quality in mind.