Jeans Alteration

Jeans Alteration


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Jeans Alteration

Jeans Length Original Hem 长度接边, Jeans Button 钮, Jeans Crotch 裤浪, Jeans Downsize 全体改小, Jeans Length Normal 长度普通 改短/放长, Jeans Patching Normal 普通补洞, Jeans Patching Threadmatching 专业补洞, Jeans Repair 修补, Jeans Taper Leg 裤脚 改窄/放宽, Jeans Waist 腰 改窄, Jeans Zipper 拉链

Jeans Terms

Jeans Note: Proceed As Agreed Pinned Measurement, Jeans Button: Replaced Button Differs From Original, Jeans Length: Chain Stitching Removed, Closest Possible Thread Colour, Jeans Patching Normal: Hole Patching Only, Colour May Vary, Jeans Patching: Threadmatching, Closest Colour Matching Possible, Jeans Repair: Our Best Possible Method, Jeans Waist: New seam line may be visible, Jeans Zipper: Zip Colour May Vary, Taper Leg: Chain Stitching Removed, Follow Original Thread Colour


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