In the Singaporean’s hectic lifestyle pace, the health and wellness needs are increasingly becoming important issues to a Singaporean’s daily life. To meet these needs, it could be daily session to the fitness club, a trip to the health centre for smoothing massages, or therupatic salon or nail spa visits and sometimes it is the all important trips to slimming centres that makes it all that rewarding for the individual. As health and wellness service providers, it is always about first impressions that will make a customer want to make you the No.1 choice to address his/her needs.

Besides the personal touch, the products, it boils down to things like providing clean towels and clothes for the members. At Reward Laundry, we are able to provide THE No.1 Service required to ensure these sanitary needs are met.

Work out and Relax in Comfort at Health Centres, Fitness Clubs and Spas

Members of Health Centres,Fitness Clubs come to relax in their own special way. From works out in the gym or classes, to the all important soothing massage or having manicure and pedicure done in an exclusive environment. Fresh and Clean towels are important when a member finish a workout regime or come out of the steam room. In premier clubs, members also expect a fresh set of workout gear to change into prior to exercising. Prior to starting a massage or spa treatment, members also require appropriate comfortable shorts or robes to change into. And towels would be used to set them in a soothing mood prior to the session. In order to cope with the high demand of the members, a laundry operation that is reliable, efficient and prompt is required. At Reward Laundry, we are able to handle large scale laundry operations and keep your customers happy all the time. We are also able to work with you to offer dry cleaning and laundry at a periodic basis, urgent turnovers or a long term contract with attractive rates .