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Importance of Cleaning Feather Mattress and Covers

Feather Mattresses provide great comfort to us and gives luxurious feeling also. They provide extra warmth and are best for cold weather. Covers are very important for feather mattresses because these are waterproof in nature and support your body during sleeping. In market, you can find various types of Feather mattresses toppers. They mainly vary in terms of size, shape and comfort level. Feather Mattress covers are highly reckoned amongst the people because they give feeling of soft feather.

Mattress plays significant role in deciding your comfortable sleep. Many people believe that mattresses do not need cleaning unless there is a spill of tea, colours etc. But there should be regular mattress cleaning because as an average there are about 2 million dust mites present in mattresses. If you have a mattress topper on your bed still then you required to clean your mattress. Mattress cleaning is important because body oils, dust mites and other remaining from children and pets get all the way through to the mattress throughout the pad.

Advantages of cleaning mattress and covers are:

  • By having a clean and hygienic mattress and mattress covers you will feel a good peace of mind. Hence, it will result in your good and comfortable sleep in night.
  • When a mattress is clean and free from dust then it leads to good indoor air quality. It also helps in avoiding various health issues such as sneezing, eye irritation and others.
  • One of the major causes of acne, asthma and eczema is dirty mattress. So if it will be free from dust and dirt, then there will be less chances of suffering from various allergic reactions. Thus, people who suffer from allergic reactions should give their mattress for dry cleaning once in a month.

Reward laundry is a dry cleaning service provider company based in Singapore. We have team of highly experienced workers who dry clean your clothing in an efficient manner. Our services are best known for their fast speed and client satisfaction. Besides, many other dry cleaning services; we also provide mattress dry cleaning services. We ensure 100% removal of dirt and dust from your mattress.  We use top notch quality solutions which are free from any type of harmful chemicals for dry cleaning.

Some of the top features of our mattress dry cleaning services are as follows:

  • Removes stain as well as odor from mattresses effectively.
  • We also offer pickup and delivery of mattresses for all locations in Singapore.
  • We send feather mattresses for dry cleaning to our experts and specialists so that damage of feather should be avoided.
  • Offers services in professional manner which leads to 100% client satisfaction.
  • We offer our services at low rate as compare to other dry cleaning service provider companies in Singapore.