Moving to a new apartment? It’s common that in Singapore, tenancy agreement comes with curtains cleaning terms. You are required to clean your curtains before handing over your rented apartment to your landlord.

For the past 7 years, Reward Laundry has been supporting our customers in this process by providing seamless and smooth curtain cleaning services. Our service is one-stop involving dismantling, dry cleaning, installation of curtains and delivery. With one of the largest delivery team in Singapore, you may expect smooth transaction all year round.

Here is why you should use our services to ease your end of tenancy process:

7 Days Customer Service

Seamless Booking System

Experience Team

Quick Respond Time

Island-Wide Pick Up

Instant Booking

Free Delivery

Free Dismantling & Installation

100% Satisfaction

20,000+ Happy Customer

Your Trusted Laundry Partner

7+ Years Industry Leader

What You Should Look Out For?

  • Handover Date – Book your curtain cleaning appointment early to avoid last minutes arrangement. Normal curtains dry cleaning takes 4-5 working days to complete. Express service typically cost double compared to normal services.
  • Check Curtains Condition – Understand your curtain condition before calling us. Our staff will be able to advise the best way to clean your curtains. The more information you could provide to us, the better. Indicate stains location to our staff if there is any.
  • Curtain Cleaning Cost Estimation – There are very few dry cleaner in Singapore that could give you a cost estimation for your curtain cleaning. With years of experience, we are able to give an rough guide on how much is it going to cost. Click here for curtain cost estimation request.
  • Decide On The Cleaning Method – You may go for Laundry, Dry Clean or On The Spot Cleaning for your curtains cleaning. With different factors to consider, our staff will be able to support you in making that decision.
  • The Curtains Mechanism – Inform us about the curtain mechanism type so that or staff could perform the dismantle and installation job smoothly.
  • The Curtains Height – Give us an rough estimation on the curtain height. We will decide on which tools to use during collection and return of your curtains.
  • The Privacy Matter – If you are feeling uncomfortable without curtains, you may either arrange a curtain cleaning when you and your family are away, or request for an On The Spot Cleaning. On-Site Curtain Cleaning typically takes 1-2 hours to complete. Please call us for more information.