Gowns can hold precious memories; the night he proposed, your first date and, most special of all, the wedding day. When you hold your gown, all these memories can be experienced once more. So, why not take care of your gown? At Reward Laundry we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the best cleaning services in Singapore. This is a big claim, so let’s look at what separates our service from the others.

First, we have premium services to make sure that your gown is washed to the highest possible standard. We will hand wash your gown in water that is below 40 degrees Celsius to ensure it receives the best possible clean. We also make sure that every gown is carefully put through a delicate drying process. Each gown is handled separately. The reason we do this is that we understand that gowns can be fragile. When other companies put them into a washing machine, they can become damaged.

However, our premium service doesn’t stop when the gowns have been washed. We handle every gown separately and each one goes through a detailed inspection before and after the wash. This allows us to spot any issues and handle the gown accordingly. It also lets us know how best to wash to gown to make sure it returns to you looking amazing. We understand the importance of your gown and want to make sure it is treated respectfully. We can also alert you to these issues, allowing you to get them fixed before they grow worse and cause potential damage to the gown.

Even after the gowns have been washed and carefully stored our services continue, as we aim to make the delivery process as simple as possible for our customers. For this reason, we offer free pick up and delivery services, taking your gown from your door to our professional staff. We understand that you have a very busy life and delivering clothes in person isn’t always possible. However, with our designer gown cleaning services just a phone call away, we believe that our service will accessible to anyone in Singapore.

Finally, we offer gown preservation services. We understand that your gowns will be important, representing precious memories. By choosing our gown preservation services you can make sure that those memories will last for a lifetime. Because every gown is unique, we tailor our approach to make sure that each gown is kept looking it’s best.

As we’ve discussed above, we have implemented a lot of procedures to make sure that our designer gown cleaning service is the best in Singapore. Gown cleaning is important, as professional services can use products and techniques that aren’t available for at-home use. When you choose to let us wash your gown, you can rest assured that our professional team will provide the best possible service and when your gown returns it will be looking more beautiful than ever. So, the next time you want a designer gown cleaned or preserved contact Reward Laundry.