As your curtain aged exposed to sunlight and moisture in Singapore, it may start to tear. Some of the curtain may have peeling off of pleating tape, a weak velcro etc. At Reward Laundry, we provide one stop solution for your curtain needs. We not only dry clean, delivery, dismantle and install curtain for you, we do repair them as well!

We provide wide range of curtain repair services:

  • Curtain Pleating Tape Replacement
  • Curtain Torn/Tear

    Small tears do happen with aging of materials and culmination of dust and dirt. At Reward Laundry, we are able to do patching to cover up the tears and make the curtains usable once more.

  • Uneven Curtain Length Adjustment
  • Curtain Alteration
  • Curtain Velcro Replacement

    Velcros are commonly used in roman blinds. However, with exposure to the natural elements, it will lose its stickiness. We are able to do a replacement of velcros to make it safe again for usage.

  • Curtain Lining Repair/Replacement

    Some curtains have linings and coating to black out the light coming into the room. However, over time, they tend to become dirty and shrunk. At Reward Laundry, we are able to replace the spoilt lining to make the curtains functional once more.