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    Our Curtain Washing Service In Singapore:

    Night Curtain

  • Dry Clean Only
  • Include Delivery
  • Night Curtain

  • Dismantle & Installation
  • Include Delivery
  • Make An Appointment

    Whether it is once a year or twice or more a year, we have our tradition to do spring cleaning in Singapore. Even if you are a tenant moving out, you will need a local supplier for curtain cleaning services. At Reward Laundry we provide convenience to dry clean or laundry your curtain in Singapore. Our delivery services for curtain is available island-wide. You may call us now to find our more! In Singapore, curtain Dry Cleaning charges is by weight and we do provide dismantle and installation of curtain before and after dry cleaning as well.

    Staff will visit your home or office to weight your curtain for you! Our curtain washing team would provide professional suggestions as well as services to your door step! Our service coverage is the entire Singapore.

    If you are planning to dry wash your drapes, make an appointment with us today!

    Washing of curtain is very common way of cleaning curtain in Singapore. The reason is washing process doesn’t involve any liquid which prevent shrinkage as well as colour fading on your curtain. We strongly recommend you to dry clean your curtain at least every quarter because stain or dirt on your curtain would be difficult to get rid as its dry up over time. However, if you are very sure your curtain can be wet washed, contact us to do a curtain laundry service for you.

    Specialised curtain dry cleaning services in Singapore removes dirt and stains accumulated over time. Every piece of your curtain is treated separately according to label instruction and fabric type. We suggest curtain cleaning done on every six months basis for Singapore weather and humidity.

    Reward Laundry provides different type of curtain washing locally:

    Checklist Before Dry Cleaning Your Curtain:

    • Please make sure you keep all the hooks & rings of your curtain if you are dismantling your curtain for cleaning
    • Please allow at least 1 week cleaning time for your curtain, last minutes booking may cause disappointment or extra cost
    • Please inspect your curtain and remind our collection staff on the locations of the stains. Staff will be able to advise the best cleaning method and expectations on the result on the spot
    • Find out more if there is any promotions from our staff (6534 4843) or join our life time membership to enjoy cheaper curtain cleaning cost

    Curtain Cleaning Rate Card

    Curtain Type Laundry

    (4-5 Working Days)

    Dry Wash 

    (4-5 Working Days)

    Express Curtain Cleaning

    (Next Day)

    Day Curtain From $10/pcs From $15/pcs From $30/pcs
    Night Curtain (wash only) $7/KG $8/KG $16/KG
    Night Curtain (with dismantle & installation) N/A $12/KG $24/KG
    Blackout Curtain (Dry Clean Only) N/A $10/KG $20/KG
    Blackout Curtain (with dismantle & installation) N/A $14/KG $28/KG
    Roman Blinds N/A $3.50/sqf $7/sqf
    On The Spot Curtain Cleaning Call Us Call Us Call Us

    *Weighing will be done on the spot for curtain cleaning collection option.

    *Minimum $80 for curtains cleaning delivery service, order below $80 will still be charged $80.

    Common Stains Found On Curtains:

    It’s common that your curtain accumulate stains over the years. As a local service provider for many years, we have accumulated experiences with curtain stains cleaning. We specialised in treating and removing stubborn stains on your curtain using spot cleaning method. Speak to our staff about the stains, provide information such as how long have you got the stains and what stain it is. The more information you provide, the better chance we have to remove your stains. The following are some of the common stains we treat for curtains:

    • Adhesive Tape Residue
    • Crayon Stains
    • Vomit Stains
    • Beer Stains
    • Candle Wax
    • Chocolate Stains
    • Paint Stains
    • Rust Stains

    Indicative pricing for HDB/Condo curtains dry cleaning in Singapore. Please take note that the price range below are for estimation only, actual pricing will depend on your curtains material, design and condition.

    2 Rooms HDB/Condo

    From $8000House

    3 Rooms HDB/Condo

    From $12000House

    4 Rooms HDB/Condo


    5 Rooms HDB/Condo

    From $25000House

    Indicative pricing for Landed Property curtains dry cleaning in Singapore. Please take note that the price range below are for estimation only, actual pricing will depend on your curtains material, design and condition.

    1 Storey Landed House

    From $20000House

    2 Storey Landed House

    From $30000House

    3 Storey Landed House

    From $40000House

    *Indicative pricing based on curtain dry cleaning only, excluding curtain dismantling & installation charges.

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