Cashmere Washing Singapore

We understand your delicate wear is your important investment and you want to keep it vibrant as long as possible. We can take care of all your silk & cashmere pieces with attention to detail. Each pieces will be treated individually during the cleaning process. We too would clean according to the label instructions. Flat drying is necessary to maintain the shape of the item. For all the delicate dry cleaning item, hanger is not recommended for storage. Your clothing would be returned to you folded.

We at Reward Laundry do our best to provide the best professional cleaning services in Singapore. Our team aims to get you access to one-stop cleaning services, meaning you won’t have to hassle a lot when it comes to sensitive clothing wash. Overall, you can find with us a wide array of services for clothing and household items professional cleaning in Singapore. And if you are wondering why to choose Reward Laundry’s services, you should keep reading this article. Up next, we’ve shared our honest opinion concerning silk washing and wool care. 

Why Wool, Silk & Cashmere requires professional cleaning?

Wool, silk and cashmere clothing items are the most sensitive when it comes to washing. And for most of those, it is highly recommended not to wash them at home. Structured wool clothes, such as blazers or outwear, require professional cleaning services. The main reason why wool care needs special attention is that during a machine wash cycle, the sensitive wool fibers can get easily damaged. And we can tell you from our experience that this is irreversible. At the same time, silk washing usually needs a hand-washed cleaning approach. But to do this at home, it can be challenging.

Hence, opting for professional cleaning services can help you avoid damage to your silk clothing, including stretching, discoloration, and significant tears.

To sum up, you need to consider professional cleaning services for your wool and silk clothes because:

  • It will keep your silk and wool clothes in pristine condition;

  • It can help you thoroughly clean sensitive household items

  • It will keep your clothes allergy-free due to the professional cleaning process

  • It will save you a lot of time and money

Why choose Reward Laundry?

At Reward Laundry, we do our best to meet our client’s expectations, which is why we manage each request with a lot of attention to detail. Our motto is `Cleaner at your doorsteps`, which is why everything is done for your convenience. Of course, there are plenty of other factors that recommend us as the best in the field, including:

  • Our customer testimonials, which reveal additional details about how our clients were welcomed at Reward Laundry

  • A team of professionals, with a lot of experience in the field of specialized cleaning services in Singapore, especially when it comes to silk washing and wool care

  • A competitive price, as we do our best to charge you a fair price based on the quality of work provided

  • Express services cater for different priorities

  • The convenient booking process, as you can opt between an online booking or a telephone booking.

  • Large delivery team- it means we are able to provide flexible timing for pick up and return schedules

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