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If you have small children then you know how hard it can be to clean a car seat at home! Juice, snacks, spit up, or any other number of things could cause a sticky mess that makes it difficult to unlatch your baby in the event of an emergency. The immune system of a young child can be easily affected by the build up of mould, germs, and bacteria that builds up on a car seat over time. Studies have shown that an improperly maintained car seat has twice as many germs on it as a toilet! GROSS! Do you really want to let your baby sit in that?

Safety Tips

One important safety tip is to NEVER put your infant seat into the washing machine because this will damage the strength of the straps that hold the child in during an accident. Scrubbing the straps will also reduce the effectiveness of the straps and bleach is a definite no-no for cleaning an infant seat because you will dramatically reduce the integrity of the material and any foam inserts stitched into the fabric.

Our Services

Reward Laundry specialises in a one-step clean service and provides a professional atmosphere with top-notch customer service. You could spend hours trying to clean your baby car seat or you can trust a professional to clean and treat the unit that you are trusting to keep your baby safe in the vehicle.

Car Seat Materials

  • The structure of a car seat is made up of polypropylene, which is a tough plastic that flexes slightly under pressure instead of cracking.
  • Straps are made up of vinyl composite that make the straps strong enough to safely restrain a child in the event of an accident.
  • The rest of the car seat and the sunshade is made up of flame resistant fabric that is washable with mild detergents and warm water or through professional services that know how to safely clean these materials.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional, reliable, and fairly priced
  • We care about the safety of your child
  • Effectively cleans car seat to remove mould, germs, bacteria, juice, milk, and anything else you can think of while maintaining the structural integrity of your baby seat.

Car Seat/Stroller Mould Removal Service

Types of Car Seats

Detachable: Most car seats have detachable covers now that allow you to take the fabric cover off of the seat in order to clean the unit easier. Many uneducated parents choose to just throw the seat cover in the washing machine without realizing that this could injure their child in an auto accident. Let us help you to clean your child seat professionally!

Non-detachable: These are not as common as the detachable models anymore because the bulk makes them hard to clean and hard to get in and out of your vehicle. But, our services make it easy to clean even these models with no inconvenience to you!

You are a busy parent that is concerned with the health and safety of your infant or young child. Maintain the integrity of your baby seat and keep your child from becoming sick by having your infant seat professionally cleaned by a reputable company that you can trust. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can meet your unique needs!

* Odour & Stains removal subject to the age of the odour and the stains, fabric type as well as stains type. Reward Laundry will try our best to remove Odour & Stains, however total removal is not guaranteed.

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